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What Causes Drain and Sewer Blockages in Minnesota?

What Causes Drain and Sewer

When it comes to plumbing issues, a blocked drain or sewer line is a real pain. Both intentional and unintentional events cause these problems. Although unblocking the pipe is essential, understanding the circumstances that led to a blockage is also necessary. 

Imagine paying to have drains or sewer lines regularly unblocked. As a home or business owner, these costs are often avoidable. Establishing and correcting the underlying cause will reduce stress and the cost of regularly hiring a plumber. With the right technology, drain and sewer repairs are possible with minimum disruption to life or work activities. 

Foreign Objects Top the List

Foreign objects rank high on the list when discussing blockages in drains or sewers. Natural materials such as leaves, cooking grease, and dirt are notorious for stuffing up unguarded drains. Other causes of blockage include toys, face wipes, diapers, or other household items.

Flushing or dumping of foreign objects that cause a sewer line blockage creates an unnecessary expense. An obstruction can result in sewage waste backing up into your home, and the price of repairs for such a flood can become astronomical. 

Traditional means of repair are invasive and often times messy. A more efficient alternative is non-dig sewer repair. This technology negates the need for destructive and expensive practices. The timeframe for non-dig sewer repair is also considerably shorter. You will barely notice the technicians working on your property – which is especially important for businesses. 

To learn more about drain and no-dig sewer cleaning, contact Marvel Sewer and Drain today. We can evaluate and recommend repair options quickly and effectively. There is no mess, hassle, or stress when you trust our plumbing technicians’ skills and expertise.