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When to Replace Your Sewer Line

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It can be hard to determine on your own whether or not it is time to replace sewer line in Edina, MN. Fortunately, there are warning signs you can look for that will indicate how severe these issues are. Marvel Sewer and Drain explains.

Old Pipes

As your sewer pipes age, they can begin to fail. You may not know exactly how old your sewer line is. Consider the age of your house. If your home is 50 years old or more, it is likely that you need sewer line replacement in Edina, MN, which we offer.

Long Term Issues

Reoccurring plumbing issues over several months or years can often lead to damage in the pipes. This will eventually require a replacement or extensive sewer repair services in Edina, MN. If your sewer line is young, routine maintenance may be all you need to keep the lines healthy.


Watch for sinks and toilets that back up frequently along with water that puddles around your basement drains. These are indicators of a clogged sewer line. This requires immediate repairs. If the backups persist, it could be more of an issue than a simple clog. Your sewer line could need replacement due to cracked, corroded, or broken pipes.

Large Trees

Pipe damage is often caused by tree roots. Large trees located on or near your property can reach your sewer line and break through the walls of the pipes. Keep in mind that a tree’s roots can reach much farther out than its branches will. Once roots invade the sewer line, you need to think about replacement if sewer pipe line repair in Edina, MN, is not an option.

Whether you need sewer line repair in Edina, MN, or a full replacement, you can count on our technicians for help. Contact Marvel Sewer and Drain today to schedule an appointment.

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