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Why Are My Minnesota Drains Overflowing?


When drains overflow, it can spell trouble for landscaping, structural components, and personal belongings. Though often disregarded until damage has already been done, clean and functional sewer and drainage systems are critical to your home or business.

Because of this, it is important to be aware of overflowing. When water from rain or other sources is left uncontrolled, there is potential for disaster. Ignoring standing water or poor drainage can become a costly lesson in maintenance. An especially heavy winter or rainy season can put stress on drains, however, there is also the possibility that the efficiency of your drains has been compromised. 

Protecting Drains from Blockages

The first defense in protecting drains against overflowing is ensuring that water and waste have a clear path to the main sewer. Avoid flushing baby wipes, cooking grease, or any other foreign object that could cause an obstruction.

A free-running sewer system will take care of expected waste without a problem. The same applies to any drainage pipes. You can protect drains by installing filtered guards that let water through but trap dirt, debris, and leaves. Heavy rain may still test your system, in which case you should seek advice from a qualified and experienced plumber.

Blockages can happen for other reasons, such as tree root intrusion, when the roots meet a barrier and push to get through. This singular effort can breach sewer line pipes and result in blockages. The great news is, Marvel Sewer and Drain has experience successfully completing jobs that present a challenge.

If you want an inspection of your plumbing system, reach out to Marvel Sewer and Drain today.