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Will Sewer Line Repairs Destroy My Minnesota Landscape?


Homeowners and businesses in Minnesota spend months, or even years, creating perfect landscapes. When a sewer line needs repairing, the idea of digging up a lawn is daunting. Fortunately, there is an alternative option that doesn’t involve undoing all your hard work. 

While sewer repairs are essential, digging up and then restoring a lawn is expensive. Do not wait until your landscape is in ruins. If available, consider no-dig sewer repair, a method that does not involve creating a trench to access the plumbing. 

No-Dig Sewer Repairs

No-dig technology allows for essential repairs to be made by creating a sewer line inside the existing pipe. The benefits include less mess, less expense, and a faster turnaround. With the no-dig method, it is possible to repair leaking lines, sewer backups, cracked water pipes, and tree root intrusion.

Marvel Sewer and Drain uses PipePatch® sewer repair products and equipment. Our approach to serving home and business owners is focused on affordability, convenience, and efficiency. You won’t need to worry about redesigning or recreating your landscape. All work is geared towards avoiding damage to your property while ensuring your sewer system is fully repaired and functional. 

Protecting Your Lawn

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we are committed to protecting your lawn when sewer line repairs are necessary. Most outside plumbing issues can be addressed with no-dig technology. This affordable solution safeguards the investment you have made in creating an aesthetic and functional landscape. Our team will work with you to formulate a strategy that guarantees minimal disruption to your family life or business. 

Contact Marvel Sewer and Drain offices in Minnesota today to discuss your sewer line repair needs. We can carry out an assessment and complete work quickly and efficiently to prevent water damage to your landscape or premises.